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Snoopy's Street fair 1.19.0version: 1.19.1
Size: 196 MB
Levels: 63
Updated on: 14 August 2013

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Snoopy steet fair woodstock friendsBeeline have just released an other  new summer update of  Snoopy’s street fair game. The update is addressed this time  to  Apple iOS players  and probably the android update will follow later.  Apparently this update contains lots of  features and items, but is mostly focusing on  woodstock’s friends to help him, as well as many items were added like the small train and many other items.

According to Beeline official description, you will get in  this snoopy street fair update: Read More→

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Since we received many queries form Android users asking whether  Snoopy Street fair game is  available on Android platform or not  so we have decided to write this article.
Android users can finally rejoice now that Snoopy’s Street Fair has officially been released on all Android mobile phones. Fans of the classic comic and animated series were left out in the cold when the game originally released in 2011, only available on iOS devices. Luckily, Beeline Interactive was paying close attention to their forums and user requests. Read More→

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Beeline development team was finally  able to find the problem causes continuous game crash of Snoopy Street fair App (version 1.16.0).  According to Beeline Butterflies were behind the problem, therefore if you can get any Butterflies you have in your fair stored before it crashes,  you will be able to reduce game crashes.  This remains a temporary solution, until a new update is released. Read More→

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Beeline Dev team members were  called back  to their offices in London to in investigate the game crash issue, apparently the Dev team was working around the clock   to fix  the problem.  In a statement posted by Beeline on their official support forum,  confirming  that their team has worked over the weekend as well as they have sent their apologies to Snoopy’s street fair players as following:

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In the latest update of Snoopy’ Street fair version 1.16.0 a new piggy bank was introduced,   is called Curly Mo.  Although such character doesn’t belong to the original peanuts series, yet is thought to be figment of Beeline’s imagination. Beeline introduced   the cute little piggy bank, Curly Mo as a new source for player to earn snoopy dollars. But firstly how you can get Curly Mo? Once you update your Snoopy’s street fair App to version 1.16.0 you will find it in the streets somewhere in your fair as is depicted in the image below. Bear in mind that the device playing Snoopy’s Street Fair MUST have an iOS version 6.0 and upwards, otherwise you wont find it. Read More→

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Snoopy’s Street fair the new update 1.16.0  was released today by Beeline for Apple iOs players  (as was promised before the 1st of May), however the players get surprised with the sudden crash of the game after launching it.  Only the players who have updated to the new update are affected. Beeline are aware with this major issue and have urged their development  team to workout this problem. We have been told by Beeline representative that Beeline dev team have been called back to their offices to investigate the issue. We hope they will release a fix update in the next few hours to bring back the joy to Snoopy’ Street Fair fans. Read More→

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A new teaser image for Snoopy’s Street Fair iOS version 1.16.0. was just released by Beeline. The new update should be live for download on the 1st of May and probably before (as the update release  is subjected to Apple review and approval).  The new update features Spikes’ Cactus in the garden, a new expansion also will be added in the garden. A lot of fun also will be added like Pitch and pup and many more new  items will be added. Read More→

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Snoopy’s Street Fair is having a spectacular sale on all of their signature miniature collection series. For a limited time only players can purchase these items at reduced prices. It’s a great way to get a solid start on building your customized mini neighborhood within your street fair. All of the items were previously priced at 8 Snoopy Dollars or higher. They’re now available for 6 each. This drop in price allows players to purchase the entire collection and multiple buildings without going broke in the process. Buy miniature forest, miniature arch, miniature music hall, miniature smokehouse, and the whimsical miniature bubble house. There’s also a set of miniature sweet trees, miniature candy lodge, and miniature candy house for sale. Read More→

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Lydia is a classmate of Linus and she mans the Guess the Name stall in the fair.  When Linus asks Lydia to eat lunch with her, she asks Linus how old he is.  When Lydia finds out Linus is two months older than she, she asks, “Aren’t you kind of old for me?”, treating Linus as if he is an old man and calling him sir.  This becomes a running gag between Linus and Lydia.  Another running gag with Lydia is that she often changes her name.  When Charlie Brown visits Lydia in the fair, she says, “Today, my name is Anna.”  If you tap on Lydia, she says, “I like my stall being here.”  The Guess the Name stall is the 13th stall to be added to the fair and costs 20 Snoopy Dollars.  There is a stall update every fifth level and requires gold coin payment, and as you level up, the price increases with every update. Read More→

Emily mans the dancewear stall in the fair, but Emily may be a figment of Charlie Brown’s imagination. When Charlie Brown attends a dance class, Emily asks Charlie Brown to dance with her.  Charlie Brown is thrilled but when he goes back to his next lesson, Emily is not there.  The dance teacher tells Charlie Brown that there is no Emily in the class.  It seems Charlie Brown was dancing by himself and talking to somebody who was not there.  If you tap on Emily, she says, “Hello, my name is Emily.”  Emily also has a companion piece, a sewing machine. When Charlie Brown visits Emily in the fair, she tells him, “You’re here!  I’m so glad you came!”  The dancewear stall is the 12th stall to be added to the fair.  Read More→