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Snoopy's Street fair 1.19.0version: 1.19.1
Size: 196 MB
Levels: 63
Updated on: 14 August 2013

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What is Game Center and how do I get it on my device?

Please see this:


Where can I find my stall after I store it in Snoopy’s street fair?

Go to the Contacts menu and then tap the unmanned stall tab, scroll down, you’ll see storage icon next to the stall you’ve stored. Tap the stall to place it back in your fair.


how to paint 10 pictures in Snoopy Street faire?

You first need to dress up Snoopy in artist costume, then instead of pile of leaves or snow, easels will appear on your street and snoopy will run toward them and paint. Please keep in mind that artist Snoopy costume costs Snoopy dollars.


How to complete to do list of “to view a comic strip”?

Tap My Fair menu, then scroll right to view your comic strip collection.


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