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How to beat Snoopy Street fair – Leveling up fast strategies



Did I say beat? You really can’t ‘beat’ snoopy street fair, there is no endgame. I will show you one of the better ways to get to level 46 (or to the current max level) in two/three months with a lot of effort.  It is probably not the most fun way to play the game,  but you might be able to use some of these tips to level up faster.  Note this tutorial is based on not purchasing any extra snoopy dollars. You get snoopy dollars three ways:

  1.    Each time you level up you get 2 snoopy dollars.
  2.    If you play every day and are connected to the Internet you can get 5 snoopy dollars every 5 days.
  3.    Purchasing them.

The game starts with patty telling you to purchase a manned stall (Sally’s).  The first thing I am going to tell you is not to bother with manned stalls. Their return value is very small, and you are always updating them as you level up. They can be updated about every 4 levels and it usually takes days before the increased income from the stall pays for the upgrade. However in snoopy street fair game you cannot avoid purchasing Sally. The two XP you get for Sally brings you to level 2. Somewhere at this point the tutorial wants you to hurry a stall by using a snoopy dollar; you can keep this snoopy dollar just by waiting it out.

How to earn gold coins in Snoopy street fair strategy

Now the most important item to earn is coins.  In snoopy street fair Coins allow you to purchase more items that earn you more XP.  Initially you want to avoid buying items that only give you XP (all of the lawn items) However after you have filled the sidewalk you could purchase some that give XP periodically.  It makes little sense purchasing items that only give you XP once. The items that give you XP once don’t usually give more XP for buying them than those that also give you XP periodically. The other thing to avoid is selling stands. Since the sale value for a stand is about 1/10 of the purchase price doing a staged incremental upgrades is much less effective than just purchasing the items you need as you can. I.E. you are better off starting with snack bars and then using them to buy what you want such as pizza stands or pancake stands. This way you will get the pizza stands or pancake stand purchased faster. It will take longer if you buy snack stands, then upgrade to cotton candy stalls, then upgrade to ice cream carts then upgrade to pizza/pancake houses, mostly because of the lost coins when you sell the stands. OK how about those that say this stand or that stand earns you the most gold/XP. Well you will find that pancake stalls will beat these out as you level up because pancake stalls increase in value whereas most other stands do not. And If you run a simulation on incremental buying you will find that buying the stand outright gets you there faster. OK but what about cost. If you look at some items they are less expensive than others and you can buy more of them.  Sure at the lower levels that is true but you quickly run out of room and you get back to the problem of incremental buying that slows you down.

Best items to buy in snoopy Street fair with Snoopy Dollars

Snoopy dollars can be used to purchase many items. I would reserve the snoopy dollars to purchase the following items first: Snoopy Cash dash- Although you can harvest by hand faster than snoopy He is handy item to purchase, especially as you will have a lot of stands to harvest before you are done. Snoopy does not take the shortest route and will often go back and forth when collecting. You can modify this behavior by placing items in his way. For instance if you are putting stalls two deep along a fence and snoopy gathers some coins from one side then changes to the second side, back and forth then you could put some flowers behind the fence and snoopy will then harvest them from just one side, better yet put chess tables or vegetable patches there.  Also snoopy can harvest coins up to two levels deep but sometimes will not get close enough to harvest. Leaving one or two spots empty in the front row will sometimes help with this as he will swerve in to get that coin.

The next items I would purchase with snoopy dollars are the expansions.  You will be using all of the sidewalk space for stalls so the more space the quicker you will level up.

Don’t ignore the snoopy min games, they can give you a lot of XP every 12 hours. After purchasing the above snoopy dollar  items use your snoopy dollars to buy the marshmallow roast and the snoopy color mix mini games.  Note the other game (Lemon squeezing) only costs coins so purchase that as soon as you can.
After that the Love tree is also a very good purchase but notice that you cannot buy more than one of those. It gives you the most XP/day as anything you will can do. The Majorette and drummer boy are almost as good too. Then the magician, Stilt walker, Mime artist, Tin robot are next but I would try to stick with the Majorette and drummer. The walking vendors are good to purchase with spare snoopy dollars but they can be annoying as the often block a corridor to the grass or occupy a sidewalk space that you just sold so that you could purchase another stall forcing you to move him/her first from the spot that you had just vacated.

Patty Peppermint To Do list

Patty wants you to do many things for your fair. While many of these items do make the fair more fun they interfere a bit with progress and I haven’t seen any XP for doing them (or it is not very significant). However many of her tasks do not cost money so go ahead and work on those. Items such as make snoopy laugh, have snoopy jump on leaf piles, etc. are ones I would go ahead and finish. Also collecting the various snoopy costumes should be easy if you follow this tutorial. But others can slow you down by having you purchase unneeded stalls. Wait until much later in the game.

What are the best Stalls you need in Snoopy Street fair ?

OK the stall that gives you the most gold/hour and XP/hour is the flower garden(at least at higher levels). If you purchase Daisies again and again you will gain a lot of Gold/XP per hour. You will tire of this very quickly.  Don’t ignore the roses though as they give respectable gold/xp per hour. The next best stall that gives you the most gold/hour or XP/hour is the snack carts. If you purchase a lot of snack carts to fill the sidewalk up and then keep collecting the coins you will do three things.

  • 1)      Get a lot of cash and XP in a short time. This is true even if you only spend about 3-4 hours a day actively harvesting the coins.
  • 2)      You will collect a lot of snoopy costumes, completing those patty tasks and gaining a LOT more XP/hour for each costume. Note the XP you get for completed costumes is about the same for each costume when you figure in the number of parts needed for the costume.
  • 3)      Other items such as trading cards will appear more often also.

Note that later you may need a bit more time to harvest coins (even with Snoopy’s cash dash) so purchasing Soda Machines make more sense but with either one you should be able to populate the sidewalks in a day or two. Keep these stalls until you satisfy patty’s request for snoopy costumes. There are 9 snoopy costumes that you will gather. If you really want to finish quickly just stay with soda machines and snack carts and harvest them continuously, (taking time for work/sleep).

Trading carts in Snoopy Street fair

Trading cards. You will find that  the playing cards are most common, Snoopy cards much less common, summer camp cards even less common, and the all-star cards the least common. However snoopy all-star card seems to be a bit more common.  I would suggest getting a few friends so you can trade cards and trade XP. Since you can only send gifts to one friend at a time I would suggest favoring those that send you gifts. Also keep track of cards and only send one card initially to the friends to see if they are active and will trade with you, otherwise you may tie up cards that could be traded with more active friends.

Why Pancake stalls are preferred ?

Now some snoopy street fair  items on the menu always cost the same, give you the same XP for building, and give you the same XP and gold when you collect. The snack cart, and Soda Machine are items that never change. Most items bought with Snoopy dollars will change as you level up. Some items bought with money that increase each level are the ‘gift stand’,  ‘Flower garden’, ‘Pancake stall’, ‘Snoopy’s lemon twist’,  ‘Juke box’ and other increasing items can be bought in the garden. Of these on the street, the Pancake stall is of particular interest as it gives a lot of gold and XP/Hour. You will probably get tired of the snack cart and soda machine at some point and should sell them and purchase pancake stalls, probably at your earliest convenience as they are cheaper at lower levels. Pancake stalls give the most XP & GOLD as most any other item except maybe the snack cart and the soda machine(because of completed costumes) Note that all the items  that increase per level  increase at the same percentage as the others (this increase is slightly different on  each level and not quite as fast as the XP requirements for the next level.  Note the Pancake stalls do not give extra XP/Gold/Costume items. (at least at the higher levels).

Lawn items in Snoopy street fair

After purchasing all the pancake stalls I would use the extra money to buy lawn items that give XP.  Good candidates are chess tables, vegetable patches, and hanging baskets. Also purchase a milkshake stand or other 12 hour stand so you know when the next harvest for the garden items occurs.

Leveling up in Snoopy Street fair

peanuts-snoopy street fairNow if you are using pancake stalls, you should be leveling up at about a level in one to two days. Be aware that at the higher levels it will take longer. It is taking about three to four days to level up at level 41 and this is with harvesting 8 to 10 times a day.  XP needed per level in Snoopy Street fair  increases at about 1.2% per level (more at the lower levels, less at the higher levels). Now that doesn’t seem to be a lot of increase per level but look at it this way:  You will reach level 36 before you have half of the XP needed for level 40.   Once you reach level 40 you still only have half of the XP needed to get to level 44. So later levels will seem pretty slow. Note however the XP increases are a much bigger percentage in the lower levels. Here is a table of the best stalls that increase each level (this is shown values for level 42). Note that the pancake stall has a high gold/hour but you will probably not harvest each hour (you do sleep don’t you?) so adjust it to the number of times you will harvest per day.

Name   Price Time GOLD/HR XP/HR
SNOOPY’S LEMON 1859000 24H 3872.92 3833.33
PANCAKE STALL 1690000 1H 16899.00 3450.00
GiftStand 1521000 24H 1760.42 1916.67
JUKEBOX 1352000 24H 2675.83 1916.67

Here is a similar table for the highest items that do not change at each level. Again notice that although the pinball machine gives a lot of gold/hour you would have to spend a lot of time harvesting every 5 minutes to get this amount of XP / Hour.

PINBALL MACHINE 5M 11280.00 1920.00
TABLE SKITTLES 1H 9960.00 1500.00
PASTRY CART 8H 9375.00 1200.00
GARDEN BLOCKS 5H 8311.00 1180.00
SUNGLASSESSTALL 4H 7500.00 3000.00

At level 45 you have about 700 slots for stands (after purchasing all expansions) and need 238,000,000 XP to get to level 46. If you planted daisies then you would need 1733 Hours with one garden plot. That’s the fastest way to level up but VERY tedious, you would need almost one million taps to complete (can you count one million of anything). Here are the contenders for leveling up (Note this data does not include other sources such as lawn items you should have placed in your Snoopy Street fair)

  • SNOOPY’S LEMON STALL: 3.2 days but you would gather only 246 million Gold in that time. Harvest once per day
  • PANCAKE STALL: 9.6 Days and you would get 1209 million Gold in that time. This assumes harvesting 9 times per day.
  • JUKEBOX: 6.5 Days and 345 Million Gold. Harvest Once per day
  • GIFT STAND: 6.5 Days and 227 Million Gold. Harvest Once per day
  • PINBALL MACHINE: Are you crazy? too many times per day needed
  • PIZZA STAND: 20 Days and 2333 Million Gold. Harvest once per 36 hours.

Please share your thoughts is you have better or alternative strategies on how to level up faster and for low cost in Snoopy Street fair game.

Credit to L. Campbell

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  • ElectricLime

    Don’t write off the pinball machines in the quest for leveling up. They cycle at five minutes and are a good replacement for soda machines since they are relatively cheap and kick out a good number of costume sets. I still have a row of around 30 machines for the extra XP points.

    Also, an good alternative to the pastry cart is the milkshake stand. With a 12 hour cycle you could easily harvest twice per day like the cart. The benefits over the pastry cart are earlier availability and it’s only 2.8M vs 8M cost.


    • Alainweb

      Hey ElectricLime, please have a look on the reply above. Thanks

  • Leonard Campbell

    Re: Pinball machines, by the time you get to level 28 (when pinball machines become available), you should be through with snack carts and soda machines but if not note that you would get 1/5 the number of snoopy costumes than snack carts. I estimate that about 1/3-1/2 of the XP you get (and even more as you level up) so it is pretty equivilant in xp/hr and about 3 times more gold/hr but that lessens as you level up. It is eve better than pancakes at level 28. However again note the pancake stands keep increasing and remember the sale value is not much. Stick with pancake stands.

    Re Milkshake stands:You get milkshake stalls at level 27 at that level: they do give slightly more gold/hour (assuming you don’t harvest all day) and a bit more XP/day than pancake stalls but they do not increase and so you are still wasting your money (remember resale value is very small on them especially since pancake stalls give you almost 8 times the gold and XP per dollar. And remember they increase in value each level Miklshake stands have less of an effect as you level up.


  • Electriclime

    I try to keep a mix of items for different styles of play. Typically I don’t have time to play the game all day, so the milkshake stands and flower gardens generate a ton of coins. If you collect twice a day from a milkshake stand there’s 130k. flower gardens aeem to be the best overall value, but they’re a lot more maintenance so I’ve cut back on those. I don’t worry so much about resale values at the higher levels, but if I had known earlier how much the flower garden values changed I would have bought dozens of those in me earlier levels :-)

    I do have a nice block of pancake stalls for when have a chance to collect more often and I also have a bank of soda machines and pinball machines for when I can have the game running while I’m doing something else at doesn’t require too much attention. 100 or so soda machines around the neighborhood cranks out 1-3 costume sets per minute which is a quick way to add to your XP. When I’m done, I to them back in storage and drop in something that generates more coins over time.


  • Electriclime

    Here’s a post that might do a better job of describing why I still use soda machines even at higher levels (I’m at 43 now).

    Calculating the values for costume sets at level 43 that would be around 67,000XP per minute with my soda machine strategy. I haven’t compared that to what it breaks down to compared to the huge number of milkshake and pancake stalls I have at this level though :-)

  • Leonard Campbell

    Well I found that snackcarks/soda machines level me up fastest at higher levels, pancake stalls worked not quite as well but less work. Pinball machines cost to much and have a period that will cause to to miss cycles. However I have currently pizza stands and juke boxes. I have filled the grass with XP producing items (leaving paths). This is enough to keep me at max level. Note once you max out at the last level you no longer accumulate XP only gold.

  • Ahmad Faiz Abdul Majid

    Wow! Thank you!

    • Alainweb

      Thank you Ahmed for stopping by :)

  • KStock

    For Android users, there are a few caveats:

    First, you only get the two snoopy dollars per level completed. There’s no $5 bonus for playing for five consecutive days.

    Second, the number of unmanned stalls is limited. From the point where the stand becomes available, you can add one stand per level, for a maximum of five of each type of stand.

  • MissWilliamston

    Where do I get the Love Tree?

  • Elizabeth

    I’m at level 58. I have 743 manholes which can be collected every 6 hours. These give you 120600 xp’s. You need 8,064,522 xp’s in order to get 1% to be credited to the next level! INSANE!