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Snoopy's Street fair 1.19.0version: 1.19.1
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Levels: 63
Updated on: 14 August 2013

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How to recover your Snoopy’s Street Fair when it returns to level 1


Beeline used previously  a hidden recovery feature   in smurfs village game in order  to recover any lost progress  in case any thing wrong happens.  Unlike smurfs village, Snoopy’s Street Fair doesn’t have  a strait forward recovering feature. However there is a trick to recover your Snoopy’s street fair by tweaking the time. This trick allows you to recover your progress from the point when you last level up.  According to beeline, the Technique described below is non reversible. Therefore you may  do this only to restore a lost fair.

1. Turn on your game.
2. Tap “PLAY” and view your fair.
3. Hit the home button on your handset.
4. On your device, select Settings > General > Date & Time > Set Date & Time.
5. Set the day on your handset forward by 1 day.
6. Go back into the game.
7. Now hit the home button and return to Set Date & Time.
8. This time, set the day back 1 day (to the current date).
9. Go back to your fair.
10. You should get a warning telling you that if you keep changing the time on your handset your fair will be corrupted.
11. Repeat steps 3 to 9 another 2 times so that in the end you have forwarded and returned the day 3 times in total.
12. After the 3rd time of resetting the day back to today, when you go into the game you will be told that your game has been reset to the last level up.

This technique can also be used to revert your game to an earlier save should you wish to. To do so, in step 7, instead of setting the date to the current date, set it to the date that you were playing the game with the desired player level you wish to return to. On the third warning the game will reset to beginning of the level that you were playing on that date. You can then forward your clock back to the current time, and continue with your game as normal.

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  • Tattooedtwiin

    I’d like to know if anyone has actually tried this and whether it works or not…

    • Nuxon12

      Yep it works with no problem

      • Hopeless?

        Tried this possible solution but it didn’t work for me. Haven’t been able to get my game working (was on level 27) for over two days before coming across this site. I’ve also tried going back two days. I did feel a little hope because I got all the warning messages mentioned compared with what I’ve tried before. Any other thoughts or suggestions?

    • guitarfairy

      yep it actually did c:

  • V-nica T Godbout

    i’m trying to figure out if i can get my fair back after my iPod crashed and had to reset everything but when i downloaded the game start from level 1even being at level 19 or 20 when it crashed … any help please?

  • Noonatsassy__69

    Dear Beelines’s team …

    I am a snoopy’s street fair’s player … And I was lose my fair, since i was update my game in the lastest version … Especially about 25 is my level … But right now … I dont know why … My level is right back as the 1st …. I hope everythings it would be right back in my lastest level … Coz i am always and endure to reach more and more level …. But right now i dont know why … It restart … And reach back at the first level again …. I wish Dear Beelines’s team will understand and i dont worry if u eill check all about my information in this snoopy’s game … Coz i cant restart to playing this game in the first level anymore … It’s hard to forget and take my mind for relieve …,

    Miss Peelantha

  • Nuxon12

    I did and it works, actually i dont have to repeat the step 3-8… With the first time works

    • Hopeless?

      I’m glad it worked for you. Must have been a huge relief when you got back to your level (other than going to level 1).

  • guitarfairy

    im so glad it worked….thank you!! this is like my 6th reset to level 1 and this was the 1st time i tried this method after my old method failed…

    • Alainweb

      guitarfairy can you please tell us what is your old method. Thanks

  • Sheryl

    I have been trying and trying but I still can’t get back to my level I have been playing so hard till level 40 until now I updatede the game it goes back to level 1

  • Louise

    i deleted this app a few months ago and I tried resetting by this method and it didn’t work. Figured I’m gonna restart again. I was so upset.

  • LoneWolfwfk

    I had to re-download the game after my iOS update failed. In doing so, I cannot enter my previous username. How can I fully recover my previous game using my previous username? I was at level 50 and now at level 1 with a different username. I have written to Beeline several times without any support whatsoever. Any ideas?

  • Alex

    I sent curly mo home, how do I bring it back?