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Updated on: 14 August 2013

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Snoopy’s Siblings in Snoopy’s Street Fair


Snoopy's SiblingsSnoopy has seven siblings; five brothers, Andy, Marbles, Olaf, Rover and Spike and two sisters, Belle, and Molly. Five of Snoopy siblings namely Andy, Marbles, Spike, Belle and Molly have been introduced in version 1.7.0 to join Snoopy’s street fair.   According to Beeline once Snoopy’s siblings join your village they are going to rock your world on the Bandstand!
In other word once they are all collected, they will form a band and play songs together, they are so cute. But first you need to buy the stage (Snoopy’s band) which costs 9.000.000 (nine millions) Gold coins which gives you 963.000 XP at the first time and 78.000XP plus 70.000 Gold coins every 4 hours (The XP value varies from one level to an other).  But don’t get surprised Snoopy’s Band comes empty, no snoopy’s siblings come with it. But  how to get Snoopy’s Siblings in order to hear the Band play?

Snoopy's Siblings

Snoopy's SiblingsBasically Snoopy’s brothers and sisters are not free, they cost $25 SD (snoopy dollars) each a total of $125 SD for the 5 of them.   Also they are not available on sale on go they come on sale one after the other.

The first who was introduced is Andy, he was available on sale just after the update. Andy looks almost like Snoopy apart he has a shaggy dog look. He is the drum player, and once you buy him will start to wonder in the streets fair. His drum kit can pop up at anytime and anywhere in the streets fair, once you tap it, he will run and plays it. After he finishes you will get awarded with 5000 XP (Please note that the XP value changes from one level to an other).

Snoopy's SiblingsAfter Andy, Snoopy’s sister Belle will join Snoopy’s street fair, she is also available on sale for $25. Belle also resembles to snoopy apart she has longer eyelashes and wears long pink dress. She plays the violin in the band, and similar to Andy, his violin can be found anywhere and anytime in the snoopy’s street fair, once you tap it, she will run and plays with it while you will get a reward of 5000 XP also(Please note that the XP value changes from one level to an other) .

Snoopy's SiblingsThe following sibling which will be made available for sale is Marbles who is known as the smartest brother of Snoopy. He also costs $25 and will be available for sale anytime soon. Marbles plays banjo and similarly to his siblings Andy and Bell, one the banjo appears in anywhere in the fair and you tap it, he will run and plays with it while you will get 5000 XP (Please note that the XP value changes from one level to an other).

Snoopy's SiblingsMolly the second sister of Snoopy, will be also join Snoopy’s street fair, it was reported that few players have already got her before others. She also costs $25. Unlike to her sister Belle she wears a blue   long dress and she plays mandolin in the band.

The last character in to join the band is Spike; he will be also available for $25. Spike resembles to snoopy also but he is slightly thinner and taller, he looks lazy as he has always a sleepy look, he has a droopy mustache and he wears a fedora hat. Similarly to his sister Belle, he also plays violin.

Snoopy's Siblings

Credit to: Miranda Shadowind

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  • snowpy

    will Olaf join the band later?

    • Alainweb

      no Olaf is not part of the band this time, only Andy, spike, Molly, belle, and Marbles, probably will be added in the future

  • sd too little

    too expensive to buy

  • Miranda Shadowind

    Very helpful, except your figures are inaccurate for people like me who haven’t hit the level cap yet.

    For the sake of bandstand price and xp accuracy, you should note that they vary depending on your level, and that the price of the bandstand goes up every time you level up. Thus, people who haven’t should buy it as soon as possible. I myself had to put off tapping leaf piles, instruments, and eventually items other than extra money piles/comics/player icons that popped out when I collected to keep from leveling up before I could buy it.

    It’s also better to say that the amount of xp each band member gives you is equal to what you would get from Snoopy jumping in a leaf pile.

    Feel free to quote me on this, I’m just trying to help.

    • Alainweb

      Hey Miranda, thank you for the highlight, yes you are totally right the XP earned varies from one level to an other it was an obvious mistake in the article, we will modify it shortly many thanks again.

      • Miranda Shadowind

        It’s okay, the mistake is understandable since you’d already hit the level cap. No problem!

  • biz

    Does anybody know what they play if they get the whole set? Is it just animated or do they actually play a song?

    • Alainweb

      they play sort of Mexican music

  • schsch

    Those siblings are too expensive, since they have to be bought with S$ = real money. TOO SAD!

  • Sanxi

    Is Spike going to be available again? I didn’t have enough funds the first time it was available.

    • BBQdude

      I have the same problem. Now I’ve earned enough $$ for Spike but he’s no longer offered. It’s been 3 weeks and I’ve been checking daily and still not being offered.

  • Mayvember

    I updated to 1.15.0 and now i’m not able to get the band but i’m dying to have those. What can i do??
    Pls help me…

  • Mayvember

    I’ve updated to 1.15.0 and i can’t buy the siblings.
    What should i do ??? Pls help me…

  • dccm

    “Snoopy has seven siblings; four brothers, Andy, Marbles, Olaf, and Spike and three sisters, Belle, Molly and Rover.”
    Rover is a guy, not a girl =)

    • Snoopy

      Thank you for the note we, will correct it right away :)

  • NT55

    The band plays a twangy version of “When the Saints Come Marching In”, so no, it is not Mexican music. The band assembles and plays every time the XP star is collected. Most recently, my band failed to play because Andy and Molly failed to run to the bandstand. After searching for them, I found them both frozen in the street at the garden entrance!

  • Amanda

    Why can’t I find the siblings anymore??


    When the siblings were on sale i didnt have enough snoopy dollars for it so know i dont know how to get them can someone help