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Snoopy's Street fair 1.19.0version: 1.19.1
Size: 196 MB
Levels: 63
Updated on: 14 August 2013

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Snoopy’s Marshmallow Roast (Toast)

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This is not a free game, and can only be played once you’ve bought the Beagle Scout Snoopy costume. Your job in the game is to help Snoopy roast marshmallows at the camp.

Similar to Snoopy’s lemon twist; you can choose the difficulty as Easy, Medium, Hard or Expert. Depending on the difficulty, you’ll be given three set of marshmallows to roast on various campfires.

Roasting a marshmallow is very simple! All you’ve to do is tap the circular arrow once the marshmallow is half done, and then tap the check mark when it’s fully done. When you’ve more than one campfire, you can move between them by simply swiping the screen left and right.

The time given to you to complete the game also depends on the level of difficulty. Also, the fewer marshmallows you burn the better your grade will be.

This is a free game. Your job is to help Snoopy make lemonade. You can choose the difficulty as Easy, Medium, Hard or Expert. You’ve 60 seconds to make the lemonade by juicing the lemons in a jug before the time runs out. But the problem is while Snoopy is busy juicing the lemons; a wasp continuously comes along and sits on them. You’ve to beat it with a fly beater to get rid of it, and make the lemonade simultaneously.

Juicing is easy; you just have to quickly twist the lemons. Nevertheless, as soon as the wasp sits on the lemon, halt immediately and beat it with the stick, and then quickly resume to juicing. If you don’t do it right, then you’ll be stung by the wasp which will result in loss of time.

Further, once a lemon runs out of juice, drag it downwards to replace it with a new one. Continue juicing, beating the wasps and replacing your lemons to make tasty lemonade, and more importantly to get a good grade at the game.

You’ll get a good grade if you fill the jug before 60 seconds.


Christmas tree

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The Christmas update has added snow and holidays related items to the game, for instance Christmas tree, decoration items for Charlie Brown’s house and Santa Claus’ costume for Snoopy etc. All of these items cost Snoopy dollars.

The Christmas tree is customizable. You can decorate it by adding or removing added items from it. To purchase the tree, first tap the Contacts menu and then select the decorations tab. The tree is located at the top of the list. The tree costs 30 Snoopy dollars. Once you have bought and placed the tree, tap on it to bring up the side panel and then tap on the ‘Decorate Your Tree!’ button. Select the decoration you would like to place on your tree by placing a finger on the image in the menu and then dragging your finger across the screen to the tree. To place a decoration, simply lift your finger from the screen. To remove a decoration, place your finger on it and drag it either to the menu or to the recycle box (circled in the screenshot) in the bottom left corner. To exit the customization menu, tap on the arrow icon at the top of the menu.

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Expansions in Snoopy’s Street Fair

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You can buy expansions from this menu. There are three types:

  • East,
  • West,
  •  and South. Only South expansion costs Snoopy dollars.

Expansions open up the game map, giving you more space to decorate and place stalls. Expansions can only be purchased once. Once you have reached the required level to unlock them, and you have the required amount of Snoopy Dollars or coins, tap on the available expansion and the clock will begin ticking down. Tapping the relevant item in the game will open up the expansions panel. Tap the Instant Earn panel to finish expanding immediately using Snoopy dollars.

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From this menu, you can buy decoration items; mostly garden related items and toys. Items like garden tables, chairs, flowers, benches, trees, kiddie pool, see-saw, trampoline, swings, fountains, cans and so forth. Most of them cost Snoopy dollars. Decoration items can be purchased as many times as you wish so long as you have required amount of coins or Snoopy dollars and you’ve reached the required level to unlock them. Simply tap the decoration item you wish to purchase and it will become available on the street. You can place and position it anywhere you desire in your fair.

Decorations require no construction

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You can gift an item every other hour to a friend. You can use Snoopy dollars to remove the time barrier if you can’t wait to send more gifts to your other friends. You and your friends both get bonus XP for sending and receiving gifts.

To send gifts to your friends, you first need to visit their fairs and select the gift icon in the bottom right corner. You’ll be presented with a number of gifts from which you can select the gift you wish to send them. The more friends you have, the better gifts you can send.

With the latest Christmas update you can also send premium gifts to your friends. Please note that premium gifts cost Snoopy dollars. On sending premium gifts to your friends, Snoopy dollars will be deducted from your game. There is no time barrier on sending premium gifts though.

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To send a friend an eCard, tap on the Friends icon beside Peppermint’s Patty’s icon, then scroll right and tap on eCards panel. From here you can scroll left and right to view all the cards. Tap on the arrow in the bottom middle of the screen once you’ve made up your mind about sending a card to your friend. The game will give you two options; you can either email the card to your friend or post it on the Facebook. For email, an account must be set up on your device in advance.

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  • What is editing mode? When you tap a stall or decoration item for a few seconds, it enters Edit Mode to display options like place, rotate, sell and store.1. Moving Stalls and Decorations:

    To move a stall or decoration around the map, simply hold your finger on it and slide it around, then tap on the screen area where you wish to place your item.

    2. Rotating and Selling Stalls and Decorations:

    You can only sell unmanned stalls and decorations for a fraction of their initial cost, so be careful about what you’re selling. To rotate or sell any unmanned stall or decoration (only those bought with coins), tap on an item for a few seconds; several options will appear on-screen, tap the arrows icon going in opposite direction to rotate and tap the dollar icon to sell your item.

    3. Storing and Retrieving Stalls:

    To put a stall or a decoration into storage, enter Edit Mode and tap on the house icon. The item will be placed back into the Contacts menu and can be retrieved from there whenever the player wishes to. Items that have been put into storage will have an image of a cardboard box with a recycling icon on it in the menu listing. Simply tap on the item to bring it back into the fair, ready to be placed.

    4. Cancelling a Purchase:

    If you change your mind and don’t want to make a purchase once you have selected an item from the Contacts menu, tapping the X icon in Edit Mode before you place your item will cancel the transaction.

    5. Decorating Charlie Brown’s House:

    To decorate Charlie Brown’s house, tap on the house to open the decorations menu panel. Scroll up and down to select your decoration. Tap on a decoration to select it – it will be added to the house automatically. To place the decoration back into storage, tap on the house to open the panel and then tap on the decoration (in the menu) that you wish to store. These decorations will always be available in your fair, regardless of the season or whether you update your game.

    Please note that decorations can be placed on either the sidewalks or the grass. Character stalls and unmanned stalls can only be placed on the sidewalks.

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Snoopy's street fair baseball cardsIn order to get Trading Baseball Cards in Snoopy’s Street fair you first need to visit a fair of your friend to trade cards with them. Once you’re in there, simply tap the baseball icon in the bottom right corner, the next screen will then present you with the baseball cards of your friend. You can select the one you wish to take, the game will then present your cards to you from which you’ll have to choose the one you’d like to give it to them. A message will then notify you about trade request being successfully sent to your friend. Trade requests ties up the card that you offered until they either accept the offer (of which you get a different card) or they reject the trade (and you get the card back). Read More→

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-You can move, rotate, sell, or store an item if you tap and hold your finger on it.

-To place a new stall, just press the check mark.
-You can pinch to zoom in and out for better viewing.
-To view more of your fair, you can touch and drag the screen with your finger.
-When a stall displays coin icon over it, or when a decoration item shows star icon above it, you need to tap on it to collect funds or XP.

-When you see an envelope icon over the mailbox, it means you’ve received mail from your friends. You can just tap on it to access your mail.

When you tap leaves, snow, marshmallows etc. on the ground, Snoopy will run toward the item and do a task like jump on the leaves or throw snowballs at other kids. You’ll gain XP for such tasks. When you do this task in your friend’s fair, you both will receive XP.

-Touching coins or Snoopy dollars at the top of the screen will take you to the in-app purchase portion of the game.

-When you enter a menu, you can always go back by clicking circular arrow in the lower right corner of the screen.

-If you tap Snoopy’s doghouse, it will call him back to his kennel to sleep.
-Tapping a stall or a decoration item will open up its information menu. You can here choose to upgrade or instant earn/finish the item.

-To answer a call, you can tap Peppermint Patty’s icon or the telephone. You can also access TO DO List from Peppermint Patty’s icon.

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